Subfloor preparation, leveling and topical solutions

“Proper substrate preparation is imperative for a successful flooring installation from the most difficult substrates, such as heavy cutback residue, curing compounds, sealers and solidly bonded floor finishes to the most ordinary installations under seemingly normal conditions.”


Subfloor preparation can make or break your flooring project and the best way to ensure that the floor preparation is estimated correctly and handled responsibly, is to work with an experienced flooring contractor with a great reputation. Sposato Floor Covering has been in the flooring business for nearly 70 years and during this time we have field tested many different floor preparation products and experienced numerous installation challenges. We continuously train our staff on new substrate preparation products,  plus we are certified with Ardex, the world leader in substrate preparation and installation materials.

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Moisture Testing and Mitigation

The presence of moisture in a substrate is one of the most common and most difficult problems facing floor covering projects today. Moisture in a slab can cause extensive delays in construction or cause new flooring to fail after installation, both being costly to everyone involved. With certified Independent Floor Testing Inspectors on staff, our floor preparation contractors can properly measure moisture levels in subfloors using the latest in Relative Humidity, Calcium Chloride, and PH testing equipment. If high levels of moisture are present, we have experience with many of the moisture mitigation systems available today and have the resources and knowledge to find the right one for every situation. We provide piece of mind to our Clients because our floor preparation Team Members understand how to properly test for moisture before the installation occurs and if needed, how to properly mitigate the moisture to avoid failure.