Cubicle and Furniture Lift Systems

By investing in lift system technology we can service corporate offices, retail stores, libraries, etc., with an easier and less expensive solution to moving furniture for flooring replacement. Our specialized system can lift in place all types of furniture including; cubicles and desks to allow for easy removal and replacement of floor covering.

Lower Cost for Furniture Moving: Traditional moving companies can be expensive depending on the size of the project and in some cases cubicles are wired for electricity requiring an electrician to disconnect before moving, adding additional cost.

Keep Things Together: Often times cubicles or desks are connected together making them difficult to disassemble and likely to be damaged when moving by hand. Our lift system is specifically designed to raise furniture still connected so flooring can be easily removed and replaced in large areas.

Save Time: Lifting furniture takes a fraction of the time it would take to; dismantle the furniture, move it from the space, then move it back and reassemble everything. Our lift technology works around your employees with minimum disruption allowing companies to remain open and operational while flooring is replaced.